Admissions Process

Resident Admission

If you or a loved one are interested in our resident services, fill out the admissions form below:


Next Steps

We want to hear from you about you or your loved one’s needs and desired level of care. To make sure our facility will be a good fit, we’d love to have you out for a tour. We’re happy to discuss any concerns you might have and hear from the resident about their ideal lifestyle, interests, and preferences. Once we’ve gotten to know each other, we can discuss care options and coordinate strategies between your doctors and our care staff.

Questions About Our Admissions Process?

If you or a loved one have questions, please contact us. We will have someone available to help at all times.

Providing skilled and accessible care to the elders of Newaygo County while establishing a safe and inclusive work environment for staff. At Newaygo Medical Care Facility we strive to make a positive difference in our community.

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